Related EU regulations and initiatives

General Data Protection Regulation (in force)

European Data Strategy (2020), foundational policy paper on EU data spaces and other digitisation projects, basis for the regulations mentioned below

Data Governance Act (2022, in force from 24. September 2023). The regulation establishes a framework (processes and structures) to facilitate data sharing. Data held by public bodies, private companies, and citizens shall be exchanged across different industries and across national in order to enable the development of artificial intelligence applications and promote the EU’s global competitiveness in this area. The regulation also envisages that “data intermediation services” will provide secure environments for data sharing and charge for the transactions (“new business model”). (see also: EU Council press release on the Data Governance Act)

Data Act (proposal currently under negotiation, will not enter into force before 2024). The regulation aims to facilitate the exchange and use of data from connected devices (“internet of things”) in order to boost the EU economy. Users are to have a right to access to the data from their networked devices, which until now has often only been collected by the manufacturers. They can allow the transfer of this data to third parties who in turn can offer services based on it. Public sector bodies are to be given access to data held by private companies that is needed in the event of public emergencies. Researchers will also have easier access to data material. (see also: EU Council Press release in the Data Act)

Artificial Intelligence Act (proposal)

Information on the European Health Data Space